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Friday, June 5, 2009

Notes from a Filmmaker: Friday, June 5, 2009

Creation can seep into reality.

Current mood: amazement

What a spring and summer this has turned out to be. So I got talked into getting health insurance and going to the dentist. Actually, I had to go to the dentist

(scroll down to Friday, Jan 30th 2009) but went because I had insurance. Guess insurance didn't cover my mystery illness. $600 later I am stuck. I have no money to spend on my mouth...I'm a filmmaker.

So around the same time I was sitting on the train coming from a radio interview with Howie Mandell. We burst through the tunnel and into the sunlight on the Brooklyn bridge. Watching the sun I thought to myself...I can not worry anymore. I can not let the darkness of others seep into my reality and stir up my own dark. Before we went back underground I felt lighter. By the time I was walking home I wanted to sing along with my mp3 player. It was if I was outside a party, afraid to knock...and the door just opens. I was sucked in.

Over the last few months I had let my beard grow and when my reflection in the mirror didn't match my had to go. Within thirty minutes of being home my beard was gone. I began looking like the person inside again. At the depths of the film's problem's, the radio show's problems, you name weight topped off at 335 lbs.

I'm 6' but that doesn't make much difference, lol. As my mind shifted away from the darker parts of my life...the weight started shifting also. Once my mind got clear, I started loosing weight faster. I have lost 117 lbs.

That's more than my girlfriend weighs. I'm 218 lbs now. Still 6' :)

Along with the physical changes I started creating scenarios in my mind that started happening. Some trivial some not so. I still had a $600 bill to deal with and no money. I started thinking that it will be taken care of and poof...the dentist asks me to paint a mural on the wall...subtracts the $600 and then pays me to paint the wall. A shift in thought created a signal that I was ready to see good in the world again.

The next day my girl, Lilly mentions, on her radio show, a topic from Oprah. I search out the clip and find a video that affirms everything that I have been feeling recently. Oprah was discussing the secret. I had never heard of such a thing and when I watched it I was amazed. Things I've always known to be true in my life were completely validated. The reality to live is the reality you create. I was living through bad moments in time (as I reread in this blog) and let those moments get worse. I in essence shifted into darkness.

Now the same is true shifting into the light. I have met so many people since that day on the train. People who are all vibrating at the same frequency I am. I have been part of amazing community oriented activities that are filling me with satisfaction. And "Last Night in Brooklyn" keeps taking each step we envisioned it to.

Now when the phone rings I'm excited to see who it will be. Every email is a wonderful opportunity or person spreading love in some way. I have even become friends with Melvin Van Peeples (who I think is having fun mentoring me). I just can't believe that one.

Nothing drastic happened to start this. I haven't struck it rich. But with the decision to create my reality decided to play along.