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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notes from a Filmmaker: Thurs, Feb 25th, 2010

Getting soft...but I lost all this weight?
Current mood: pumped but scared.

Happy New Year!!!

So since October things have been so odd. We had a great time with the Obama video and actually won the Huffington Post Poll for best video. Unfortunately the judges thought kids were too cute to lose. I kinda thought so too.

Jina has started grad school (so time is scarce) and I have had countless bookings! Followed by an equal number of cancellations. I would say 09 went out like a nap.

Among those bookings were many music videos that suffered from my clients economic recession. The film is still selling but it definitely slowed after the Presidential bail out speeches. We have been approached by an online distributor for the films and that is very exciting. We have had a lot of over seas requests and now we can fill them. Another client (sort of) was a Producer I know who approached me to write a new screenplay around a warehouse that people are trapped in. He believed he had the budget and the actors and I went to town. Four days later I pretty much had a screenplay called "freight".

Like anything you make for people it's great but need a little here and there. Now it's a screenplay called "cargo". Same idea different name...same cancellation lol. This time I got a spark though. I can write a silly ass script in no time for any location. Why not do one for myself and make it under $500. So that's going on now. It should be done in a week. I am planning on shooting the whole thing in my building and using old tapes and old friends. More on that one after copyright and storyboards.

Another fun occurrence has been the return of the "KID FLICKS" program. I have entered it into Pepsi's refresh everything contest and expect to win $50,000 to make movies with inner city kids again. That will be a blast.

So now that it seems 2010 is getting booked up...Lilly has come up with a great idea we will be filming this year. More on that after copyright, lol. We're also planning to kick off screenings again of "Last Night in Brooklyn" in Rochester. Stay tunned for that one.