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Thursday, August 9, 2012

We were asked to screen in Southampton!

Mood: Honored

So...we finally entered film festivals and who knew they would like us? This past weekend some actors and producers of the film "Death is no Escape" were invited to the Artisan Festival International! 
On Saturday we were the Signature Film for the night and gathered beforehand to travel together. 

How were we getting there? 

In style!!! Anne and Lonny scored us a sweet limo to take us out in style. A three or four hour trip by train, turned into a fun under two hour thrill! 

Since we got their early we decided to get some food and talk before the event was ready for us. For the girls it was the first time going to a restaurant that you would tip someone at. For me it felt good to be recognized for our work by people we didn't know. 

Once we got there it was like most other events we do. A lot of artists, mingling and wondering who will be their best chance of future success... us included lol. Everyone is looking for a "Deal". For us though it was about having some fun and showing the movie to another audience. 

We did some interviews, met other guests and then were told that the film had begun.... and to a packed house. Heading downstairs we realized they weren't kidding. The space that before had people mingling had cleared out. We would have thought that people went outside but laughter was heard from the theatre. We walked in and saw the majority of the attendants of the festival were in our screening. Including "Chi Chi" from "Scar face". Who indecently was hysterical. 

After the film we were all ready to go and party in Brooklyn but the organizers grabbed us to let us know that the audience wanted us to speak. That was a great reason to stay longer. Most of the audience stayed and asked great questions and had wonderful comments. They wanted to know all about us and our journey to this moment. Each person who spoke was so sincere and truly touched by our work. 

Now with two tired teens and a tired Lilly, it was time to go home. Happy and buzzing from all the positive attention. 

It didn't take long to lose three of the girls but the others were not hearing anything about that! 

After two months and twenty screenings, we got out of the basement in a big way. We are going to make the final little touches to the DVD and get ready for it's release in October. Hopefully there are more festivals that want to introduce us to their audience. 
Until our next step...
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's do this full circle!!!

Mood: Feel like traveling 

This film was funded by people online and produced with the help of our local community. Locations were donated. Actors and Crew members donated services and now we have been screening the film in a Brooklyn Basement.

Our friends and fans love it but we want to bring the film across the world. and now you can help us by clicking this link 

and hitting "DEMAND IT" on the right hand side of the screen.After you do that, share it with your friends.By Clicking "DEMAND IT" you are showing distributors that this film has a world wide demand. 

Thank you all very much,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boy do I have an update

Mood: Defiant

Since the last post (I know I have busy) we finished the movie...yay. Now we had to figure out how to raise money for film festivals and get the film's name out to people. In April, the idea surfaced. We had a basement..a screen...and a projector. Sounds like a screening room to me :)

So we have a screening and people come. Those people LOVE the movie and donate money to our festival fund. We have another and BOOM it happened again. This time one of my producers decides to add concessions to the deal.

Lilly's Food became a hit! They were labeled "the best brownies ever" buy audience members. We also started to sell posters. What a hit the event became. EVERYONE loved the movie. People would bring their  friends back to see it. Our entire community, online and in person, became charged up by what was happening in our neighborhood.  We even did a double feature night! With "Oh Dear God No!" How cool.

Our film was now entered into nine festivals and our online personality was growing. We got up to thirteen screenings and had a blast. That was until someone called 311 complaining that we had an illegal conversion.  We should have known that 1500 commercial views in four days, wouldn't just be a good thing. The conspiracy theories began. 
"Do you have enemies?" 
"Who would want to do this?" 
"I know who did this!" 
"I'll find out who did this!"

Oddly I wasn't interested in finding out who did this or why. I felt calm. As if we just passed an important point in this film. I didn't know why but I felt good. As a precaution I shut down the screenings. Our landlord is very cool and no one wants to be fined or cited. I post a public message to cancel to next screenings and the response poured in. Everyone felt lost. That feeling I felt also but I knew this wasn't the end. 

Now I realize. This had nothing to do with a hater or a space or a government agency. This was about cool people doing a cool thing. So as of now I think we're going underground. Secret screenings. Only word of mouth. Only friends of friends. No addresses promoted. No more commercials. Just the food, friends and a really cool film.

If you know to get into the audiences. If you don't... get to know us. I'd start with the Facebook group :)
or go to 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Self-Distribute or try the Traditional way?

Mood: Doubting the System

A couple days ago friend mentioned how relaxed I must be now. Now that we're in the final weeks of post production,  my mind is free to worry about the other half of filmmaking... The audience. Who are they? How to get to them? Do I start screening or do I enter festivals and wait?

This time around I have different goals. I'm not waiting for a distributor to tell us the film is good. This film is great. I want the festivals to promote the film and build an audience. Maybe win some prize money :)
From what I have been reading and watching online, most people make very little from distributors. I think that if I keep promotion costs down, we can screen and distribute this thing ourselves.

In the past we put ourselves in a hole to rent a space to show the film. This film was shot in a location that can host private screenings to our most loyal fans. Who wouldn't want to watch a horror movie in the location that the film was shot in. Besides that, people  have passed away in the location and it may actually be haunted (don't tell my cast). Also wouldn't it be better to go to festivals and have a way for the people we meet to actually buy the film? "Yeah you can buy it here".

I have to see what the festivals that we want require but I'm so leaning towards online distribution of DVDs and file downloads. What do you think? If you  have a thought I'd love to hear it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shift gears and slow it down.

Mood: Mentally Spongy

Every step so  far has left me with more work and many more questions.  Today's step has brought clarity of thought.
I bring the latest copy of the movie over to Melvin's. We start going over the music and Melvin gets quiet. Now if you know anything about him you know he is never quiet. He asks me why I am thinking of so many different musical themes. We realize from coming out of editing and doing special FX I see the film as many segments. That doesn't work for the score. The music has to bring to images together as one. Not further fracture the film. So at this point I say "Take everything I said and throw it out. That is if you even took it in". We laugh, smoke a cigar and then he tells me the plan he had before I even showed up. Well the soundtrack is on it's way and this film will be done before the spring has sprung!

Two hours with someone who knows what their doing saves months of problems. I love having a Melvin!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes you are all you have...

Mood: Shocked

So, months ago we lost our CGI artist. I then contacted every school and message board I could find that had anything to do with compositing or CGI. Most people responded as if I was crazy. "That's way too much work". A bit of a let down to say the least. I knew I was asking a lot but I also know what I am offering. This film will be scored by a film legend! Who doesn't want to be involved with that. Evidently everyone.

Weeks went by and I was contacted by a woman named Sayma. Then a kid named Geoff. At one point we had four people who expressed interest in doing the CGI. I met with everyone. They were great. Email chains were started. I was excited.

A few days went by and communication broke down. Emails were no longer coming back. Calls didn't help either. I started to look up videos that featured effects that I would like in the movie. After playing around a bit I was about to create the first ghost look.

Soon after, varying them became easy and I was attempting more difficult effects. by one, the effects list became shorter. From 37 scenes needed to 30 and so on. Tonight I write on the cusp of our final effect! I will be combining old school practicals, Lucas type screening with new school technology to finish the visual lock of this film!!!

A 3 month shoot, 5 months of post and about two more of sound, music and score to go. This film may be ready by spring! Wouldn't that be a hoot. Finish in the spring and wait till October to screen it. 
Well they are always the festivals. 
Help us get in will ya. 

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