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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boy do I have an update

Mood: Defiant

Since the last post (I know I have busy) we finished the movie...yay. Now we had to figure out how to raise money for film festivals and get the film's name out to people. In April, the idea surfaced. We had a basement..a screen...and a projector. Sounds like a screening room to me :)

So we have a screening and people come. Those people LOVE the movie and donate money to our festival fund. We have another and BOOM it happened again. This time one of my producers decides to add concessions to the deal.

Lilly's Food became a hit! They were labeled "the best brownies ever" buy audience members. We also started to sell posters. What a hit the event became. EVERYONE loved the movie. People would bring their  friends back to see it. Our entire community, online and in person, became charged up by what was happening in our neighborhood.  We even did a double feature night! With "Oh Dear God No!" How cool.

Our film was now entered into nine festivals and our online personality was growing. We got up to thirteen screenings and had a blast. That was until someone called 311 complaining that we had an illegal conversion.  We should have known that 1500 commercial views in four days, wouldn't just be a good thing. The conspiracy theories began. 
"Do you have enemies?" 
"Who would want to do this?" 
"I know who did this!" 
"I'll find out who did this!"

Oddly I wasn't interested in finding out who did this or why. I felt calm. As if we just passed an important point in this film. I didn't know why but I felt good. As a precaution I shut down the screenings. Our landlord is very cool and no one wants to be fined or cited. I post a public message to cancel to next screenings and the response poured in. Everyone felt lost. That feeling I felt also but I knew this wasn't the end. 

Now I realize. This had nothing to do with a hater or a space or a government agency. This was about cool people doing a cool thing. So as of now I think we're going underground. Secret screenings. Only word of mouth. Only friends of friends. No addresses promoted. No more commercials. Just the food, friends and a really cool film.

If you know to get into the audiences. If you don't... get to know us. I'd start with the Facebook group :)
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