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Thursday, August 9, 2012

We were asked to screen in Southampton!

Mood: Honored

So...we finally entered film festivals and who knew they would like us? This past weekend some actors and producers of the film "Death is no Escape" were invited to the Artisan Festival International! 
On Saturday we were the Signature Film for the night and gathered beforehand to travel together. 

How were we getting there? 

In style!!! Anne and Lonny scored us a sweet limo to take us out in style. A three or four hour trip by train, turned into a fun under two hour thrill! 

Since we got their early we decided to get some food and talk before the event was ready for us. For the girls it was the first time going to a restaurant that you would tip someone at. For me it felt good to be recognized for our work by people we didn't know. 

Once we got there it was like most other events we do. A lot of artists, mingling and wondering who will be their best chance of future success... us included lol. Everyone is looking for a "Deal". For us though it was about having some fun and showing the movie to another audience. 

We did some interviews, met other guests and then were told that the film had begun.... and to a packed house. Heading downstairs we realized they weren't kidding. The space that before had people mingling had cleared out. We would have thought that people went outside but laughter was heard from the theatre. We walked in and saw the majority of the attendants of the festival were in our screening. Including "Chi Chi" from "Scar face". Who indecently was hysterical. 

After the film we were all ready to go and party in Brooklyn but the organizers grabbed us to let us know that the audience wanted us to speak. That was a great reason to stay longer. Most of the audience stayed and asked great questions and had wonderful comments. They wanted to know all about us and our journey to this moment. Each person who spoke was so sincere and truly touched by our work. 

Now with two tired teens and a tired Lilly, it was time to go home. Happy and buzzing from all the positive attention. 

It didn't take long to lose three of the girls but the others were not hearing anything about that! 

After two months and twenty screenings, we got out of the basement in a big way. We are going to make the final little touches to the DVD and get ready for it's release in October. Hopefully there are more festivals that want to introduce us to their audience. 
Until our next step...
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